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Where can I download IMT3?
You can only get access to IMT if you have a signed agreement. When an agreement is made you can arrange training of your engineer and team that needs access to IMT. When the training is planned you will be given a download link and personal user ID /code for the IMT3.
Why does my IMT3 not work anymore?
IMT3 needs to be able to contact the IMT3 server at the following URL:
How can I get a price list in Excel?
You can print the pricelist from your part finder (IMT software), if you do not have access to this software tool, please ask your project engineer.
1. When part finder is open, select File and hereafter chose Export user price list.
2. Chose destination to save your Excel price list.
3. Now you have your Excel price list from Fire Eater showing your agreed net price.
What does service and installation training cost?
The service and installation training cost 3.500. EUR (maximum 12 people included in the price). Included in the price are the following:
• E-learning access.
• Hands-on training at Fire Eater in Denmark inclusive lunch.
• One tool kit (suitcase with all tools necessary).
• After completion of FEC course, Fire Eater will issue a certificate for the training.
• If hands-on training should be at you own location and you have a Fire Eater Inergen system available for the hands-on training, this can be arranged after e-learning course. We will charge 1.000 EUR per day inclusive traveling days, flight ticket and hotel.
I have problems in downloading IMT3 on my computer
You may need administration rights to be able to install IMT3. If you have any difficulties, please contact your IT department to help you with the installation as many companies have strict IT policies of downloading external software on your computer, also make sure that IT allow IMT3 to connect to URL:
Where do I find a datasheet, approvals, or safety datasheet?
Datasheets can be found in IMT3 part finder or at Fire Eaters partner site, approvals and safety datasheets can be found here on our partner site
How do I get a price or a quotation?
Fire Eater train project engineers in IMT software. IMT software has a full price list of all available components with the agreed discount level. If you do not have access, please ask your project engineer for price or a price list.
Does Fire Eater offer other firefighting systems than Inergen solutions?
No Fire Eater has only focus on Fire Eater Inergen system, which was invented by Fire Eater. We do not produce or distribute chemical systems, water-based system or any other gas extinguishing systems or any equipment such as hoses and handheld extinguishers.
How do I get a certificate of origin from chamber of commerce?
We can provide this at the cost of 350 EUR for each invoice. Contact your Fire Eater contact person.
How do I get the estimated delivery time for my quotation?
Fire Eaters standard delivery time (ship date) for components are from 3 to 6 weeks from order, special items as well as special approvals may take longer. For special requirement contact your Fire Eater contact person.
How often should an Inergen system be serviced?
It depends on local rules and regulations where in the world the area that needs protection is and what rules it must follow in the specific country. In Denmark an Inergen system that is connected to ABA shall have service at least once a year. Fire Eater recommends as minimum one yearly inspection.
What does an Inergen extinguishing system cost as a rule of thumb per protected m2 or m3?
It is hard to say and depends on the requirements of the area that needs protection and the central equipment. We can quickly come up with an estimate price, please contact your contact person at Fire Eater.
Is Inergen dangerous, can you be in the room when it is activated?
No, it is safe for people and animals to be in a room where an Inergen system is activated. It has been assessed by Rigshospitalet in Denmark and the Danish Working Environment Authority.
Should the pressure cylinders or other components be in a separate room for safety reasons?
In general, the cylinders do not need their own room. However, to save installation cost they are often placed in the protected room (if there is space.)
They can also be placed in a room nearby. Remember to mark such a room according to local regulation.
If the cylinders are placed far from the protected room, it will mean more pipe work. The control panel if local we would recommend is placed in the room or just outside the entrance door.
What is Inergen?
Inergen is a mixture of 52% nitrogen 40% argon and 8% CO2, inactive gases which occur naturally in the atmosphere.
What is an Inergen Fire Extinguishing System?
An Inergen system is an automatic fire extinguishing system that can extinguish a fire in a closed room such as technical rooms, server rooms, data centers, archives, high voltage rooms, warehousing and logistics centers, warehouses for dangerous goods, wind turbines, and in buildings such as museums, prisons, castles, hotels, hospitals etc. The typical system consists of the following: A control panel with associated detectors and or aspiration systems which monitor the room for fire/smoke. Inergen cylinders which contain the 3 naturally occurring gases nitrogen (52%), argon (40%) and CO2 (8%), which extinguish the fire by reducing the oxygen content in the room. Alarm tabs and pressure relief, electrical, pneumatic, or manual activation of the Inergen system.
Are there materials or liquids that Inergen cannot extinguish?
Yes, for example fires in metals such as magnesium and titanium. These metals can burn without oxygen and therefore they cannot be extinguished with Inergen or other oxygen-reducing systems.
Can you protect several rooms with one Inergen system?
Yes, by using “Selector Valves” you can protect several rooms. If there are 2 (or more) rooms that need to be protected, we design the system to be able to switch off in the largest of the rooms. With the help of “Selector Valves”, Inergen is triggered in the room where a fire has been detected.
With a “Selector Valve” system, however, you must be aware that you can only put out a fire in a room.
(Ring mig lige herom…..)
Why do I need to install a pressure relief damper?
When the Inergen is released into the room, the corresponding amount of air must get out of the room to avoid overpressure. If no pressure is relieved, walls may crack, or doors may open.
How do I calculate an Inergen system?
You can use the Fire Eaters IMT (Inergen Management Tool) which contains hydraulic flow calculations. When you have done the measuring and inspection physical or based on drawings, you have the necessary information so that the IMT program can calculate how much Inergen (number of cylinders) is needed. The IMT also calculate the number of nozzles, pipe lengths and dimensions, pressure relief area etc.
In Denmark, the systems are designed to release 80% of the Inergen within 90 seconds, according to EU: EN 14520. In some countries, there are other rules. The IMT program also calculates how many smoke detectors to use. The program “requires” information about the geometry of the room, desired oxygen concentration and thus the number of cylinders and then performs a hydraulic calculation of the pipe system so that we get 80% of Inergen released within 90 seconds.
Can an alarm be transmitted from the Inergen system?
Yes, the Sigma control panel typically has two potential-free relays which are programmed to close when the Inergen system goes on fire or if there is a fault in the system. Via these two relays, you can transmit the alarm for your own use, or to the emergency services. Once the Inergen has extinguished the fire, the cause of the fire should be investigated and removed if possible. If this is not done, the fire may recur when the oxygen concentration begins to rise again.
How do I make sure that the extinguishing system works?
In connection with installation and service the vital components influencing the functioning of the system are sealed. However, the seal does not mean that the system works as unauthorized people may have broken the seal. We therefore recommend that you draw up service contract on the extinguishing system with an authorized electrician.
Can I service the extinguishing system myself?
Unauthorized people who are not trained in working with automatic fire extinguishing systems should not work with or service this type of system. If this happens, Fire Eater cannot guarantee the function of the system.
What am I allowed to do with the cylinders?
The cylinders are the system owner´s property which means that you for example may paint the cylinders with exception of the green parts. However, view of and access to the cylinders must always be unobstructed so that the cylinders can be inspected, and the cylinders replaced when needed.
Can the pressure cylinders explode?
No, the cannot. All Fire Eater pressure cylinders are equipped with a safety seal which relieves the pressure in the cylinders if the are exposed to intense heat. If you should have any other questions, please contact our sales department.
What happens when the system is activated?
When a fire is detected, the system’s control panel releases Inergen® into the protected room via the nozzles. The pressure from the extinguishing agent and the construction of the nozzles create turbulence in the room which increases the efficiency of the extinguishing system. When the system discharges, the temperature will typically fall 3-4 degrees. During discharge there will be full visibility in the room which makes evacuation of people possible.
Must the room be abandoned during extinguishing?
Yes, even though Inergen® is safe for people, it does not mean that you should stay in the burning room during the extinguishing. A fire can develop various hazardous vapours. You must always leave the room and close the doors when a fire starts.
When can I enter the room?
When the extinguishing system has been released, you can enter the room after a short while when no more extinguishing agent is released from the nozzles and check if the fire has been extinguished completely. The doors must be closed the entire time. If not the function of the system will deteriorate.
Should I contact the fire brigade?
If the extinguishing system has extinguished the fire completely and the system does not transmit a signal to the fire brigade automatically, you do not have to contact the fire brigade However the person in charge of service on the extinguishing system must be contacted so that the reason for the activation of the system can be found and the system can be reestablished.
Will inert gasses a affect my inventory?
Inergen and other inert gasses are characterised by not being harmful to electronics and other precision mechanics. This is because inert gasses are not condensing or electrically charging. A chemical fission does not take place in connection with the activation, and the material is not harmed. There are several ways of finding out whether the system has been activated.
Typically alarm panels will light up and make a buzzing sound while the control panel indicates fire and/or fault. The manometers on top of the cylinders will also show zero bar pressure.
How do I get my cylinders refilled?
Fire Eater’s service telephone is open around the clock. Cylinder refilling can be initiated within 24 hours so that a production stop can be kept at a minimum.
Where can I get Inergen?
Inergen® can be acquired in most of the world via authorized companies trained in working with automatic room extinguishing systems – see under filling stations at this partner site. Inergen® is used for marine and land applications.
Is a 300 bar pressure dangerous?
Yes, all work with pressure is dangerous. However, if the proper precautions are taken and the pressure cylinders are handled correctly it is not dangerous. All Fire Eater technicians are trained and authorized to install automatic fire extinguishing systems.
Will 300 bars come out into the room?
The fact that the cylinders have a pressure of 300 bar does not mean that 300 bar will be released into the room. The pressure is reduced in the manifold whereby a pressure of 75 bars is created at the nozzles for a short period of time right when the extinguishing agent is released.