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MODULE: Stand-Alone Systems

The Control Inert (Ci) INERGEN® system consists of the components necessary to make a complete stand-alone INERGEN® system.

The components in the Ci system are approved in accordance with current European Directives.

In this module you will learn about:

  • Basics of Ci systems
  • INMON001 – handling of pressurized equipment
  • Ci system hardware
  • DV7 directional valve
  • System tools
  • Step-by-step system installation

Quiz information:

There are six quizzes in this course with passing criteria of 80%

Module duration:

43 mins

MODULE: SV22, Engineering

The SV22 valve is a selector valve that may be used for distributing INERGEN® from a shared supply to multiple rooms.

The SV22 must be reset manually and can not limit the INERGEN® volume for each room.
The INERGEN® volume for each room must be calculated separately.

In this module you will learn about:

  • SV22 Ci components
  • SV22 Ci system engineering

Quiz information:

There are 3 quizzes in this course each with passing criteria of 80%

Module duration:

21 mins


PDS is a pneumatic discharge system. It consists of a 2 ltr cylinder with 80 bar pressure and is used to activate a system.

Normally a PDS system is used for marine and offshore installations, however, it is also the only solution when activation is required

in an ATEX (explosive atmosphere) environment.

In this module you will learn about:

  • Different PDS solutions
  • Pneumatic release
  • Manual & pneumatic release

Quiz information:

There is one quiz in this course with passing criteria of 80%

Module duration:

5 mins


A downloadable certificate will be made available to all participants who successfully complete all required modules within this course.

This function will unlock once specific criteria have been met. The certificate is downloadable in pdf format and will contain the student’s

name and a unique trackable number for authentication purposes. The certificate is valid for 3 years from award date.

Completion of the following modules is required in order to unlock the certificate:

  • Stand Alone Systems
  • SV22, Engineering
  • PDS

To access your certificate for this course you must have received “Status Completion” approval from your Course Teacher.


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